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Structural integrity touches on the durability and strength of the wall. 

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This is something that residential concrete contractors should consider to ensure that the structure’s stability lasts for many years. With the use of materials such as bricks, stones, granite, concrete blocks, and stones, the durability if a wall is assured. Here are some of the common uses of walls.


The best materials for this kind of walls are stones, concrete, and cement blocks. These walls bear the weight of the entire structure from the foundation to the rooftop. They are a great choice for interior and exterior use. The majority of people prefer this type of wall, which has a framed structure as it is usually more economical. The wall’s thickness will depend on the rooftop load. For instance, structures with two or more floors require load-bearing walls that are thicker.


For people who live in areas that experience severe weather, it is advisable to choose reinforced walls. This is because they don’t crack easily as a result of external pressure. Walls are strengthened with horizontal and vertical reinforcement for added strength. The reinforcement amount will depend on the support provided by the wall.


Hollow walls are used in residential masonry to ensure that moisture doesn’t reach the house interior. This wall type is usually effective as it creates a space between the exterior and the interior wall. The exterior face can be added with “weep hole” features that help to drain water, resulting in moisture buildup in the space. A damp proofing or water-repellant coating can be put on the structure to ensure that water damage doesn’t happen.


These kinds of walls are made of two materials or more. For instance, they can have hollow bricks with stones or standard bricks. The walls are usually economical and can give your building a unique look. The walls contain bonded materials and interconnected sections. Steel tiles are used to interconnect sections. For optimum reinforcement, horizontal joins are used.


These kinds of walls are usually made to withstand extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes and earthquakes. They consist of post-tension rods running through the wall’s core. These walls can be anchored and tensioned on a steel support structure for maximum strength. Homeowners should contact masonry contractors if their Dana Point wall projects succeed. One such name is Mission Viejo Concrete Company. 

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