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If you don’t want to maintain the exterior of your home, you should consider having a brick chimney or wall. However, this doesn’t mean that brick is completely maintenance-free. 

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Basic Maintenance You Need for Brick Home

There are some basic maintenance that you will need for your brick home in Laguna beach. Here are a few maintenance checks for your brick house in Laguna Beach.


One thing that will raise the need for repair is that your home will be exposed to the same elements that the non-brick homes face. This is why you need to go around the home to ensure that there aren’t any signs of hairline fractures or foundation cracking. Cracks will often happen due to the expansion and contraction of the masonry due to cold, moisture, or heat. This can also be caused by the home settling or corrosion of the embedded metals. Some of the areas that you should check out for cracks are in the corners of the structures, particularly the foundation.

Sealants or Caulking

Several things can cause sealants or caulking. The most common one is the age of the home. Some of the other causes are adhesion loss, the use of too much sealant, or the lack of a surface that enables the masonry to bond.

Wrong Flashing

Where there is improper installation of the roof flashing, there may be a water leakage that can cause problems for your brick hose. One way of preventing this is by ensuring that the flashing outer edges extend beyond the masonry’s outside face. Also, ensure that laps have been sealed in a way that prevents water from permeating through the layers. The good news is that you can take some proactive measures to prevent any need for masonry repair.

Other measures you should take include:

  • Check for any signs of mold growth and water leakage twice in a year. If you notice this, ensure that it is addressed fast enough
  • Ensure that the sump pump in your home is draining well. Ensure that you check this once in a year
  • Check your chimney once in a year and have it cleaned well
  •  Walk around the home looking out for issues like cracks, leaks, staining, crushed bricks, and brick displacement.

When you notice any of the above issues, you should contact a masonry repair contractor. One of the most reliable and trusted names is the Laguna Beach concrete contractor from Mission Viejo Concrete Company.

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