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Precast concrete or stair treads are a great choice for use in the outdoors, especially on the raised parts of a swimming pool. The installation of precast concrete can be completed after a structure has structural framings, and the backfilling of the foundation has already been done. After the concrete stair treads are installed, people can have a permanent and safe egress on the outside and inside the structure.

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A custom stair tread is available in a wide range of colors and designs. The design possibilities are endless as the precast concrete stairs are available in different colors and mixes. The tread surfaces can be polished or shot blasted to make it slip-resistant. The stair tread can be crushed with some granite recycled particles, adding to the beauty of the stairs. The granite particles can enhance the lifespan and are great and environmentally friendly alternatives.

The step tread has rebars and fiber reinforcement. These offer more value and strength on the stairs tread and the pool coping. They can also be easily cut to be well customized. Apart from precast concrete, other materials such as plastic can be used.

Since prefabricated stair treads are commonly used after the installation, the installation will set over a certain interval and should be installed in combination with other building projects. But do the precast stairs have any benefit? The stairs require adherence to the planned topography and foundation to provide a satisfactory egress.

This kind of precision is needed, so builders will benefit from the affordability and flexibility of the units. The precast concrete units are beneficial for swimming pool areas as well as other uneven areas that may need a transition.

Prefabricated stairs can be built to adhere to close tolerance and installed in any kind of weather. Since it’s possible to use prefabricated units after installation, unlike stair treads built on-site, it is possible to schedule the installation over a bigger time interval and in togetherness with other activities.

Implementation Ease

Stairways built on-site can be used to access the majority of entrances to accommodate prefabricated units. The majority of manufacturers will advise on the recommended way of securing the unit. This could be done using a stoop ledge, excavation, or footing at the foundation wall.

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