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About Mission Viejo Concrete Company

Mission Viejo Concrete Company is a concrete and masonry company that has been serving the Mission Viejo area for many years. We provide quality workmanship and outstanding customer service to make your home improvement project go smoothly. We are experts in retaining walls, stamped concrete, patios, driveways, and much more!

Our concrete and masonry contractors are highly skilled railroad tie retaining wall professionals that are dedicated to providing you with railroad tie retaining walls of the highest quality. We take great pride in our railroad ties work and will strive to make your experience wonderful! For your commercial project needs, we offer custom designs for our railroad ties that would be perfect for a school campus or business complex. Contact us today at (949) 541-9282 with any railroad ties retaining walls questions!

Railroad Ties as Retaining Wall Material

A railroad tie is a long, thin piece of wood that’s typically used to support the rails and sleepers on a set of tracks. It also happens to be one of the best materials for building a retaining wall. With their ability to span greater distances than traditional bricks or stones, railroad ties are an economical option for homeowners looking to build walls with varying heights and widths. Railroad ties can be found at any hardware store and require minimal installation time. They also come in two varieties: pressure-treated (a more environmentally friendly option) or untreated (more affordable). If you’re considering adding a retaining wall as part of your home improvement project this year, railroad ties may just become your new best friend!

How Long Do Railroad Ties Retaining Wall Last?

A retaining wall is a structure that holds back earth from a slope above it. In Mission Viejo, homeowners often use railroad ties as the material for their retaining walls. Railroad ties are easy to install and can be cut to fit any size of space on the property. But how long do they last? 

The lifespan of railroad tie retaining walls depends on many factors such as soil type, slope angle, and amount of drainage behind the wall. For instance, if there is no drainage system in place then water will pool up against your new retaining wall which will cause deterioration over time due to hydrolysis (a chemical reaction between water and wood). If you want your rail ties to last as long as possible then installing a proper drainage system with gravel or drainage rock is vital.

Why Get  A Railroad Ties Retaining Wall?

A railroad tie retaining wall is a versatile and practical solution for any landscape. These walls are made from the same materials as traditional concrete or stone but offer a more natural look that blends beautifully into your yard. Railroad ties hold their own weight and provide an affordable alternative to other retaining walls. If you’re looking for a way to make your property more functional, attractive, and inviting this season, consider installing railroad tie retaining walls!

How Much Do Railroad Tie Retaining Walls Cost?

Have you been considering a retaining wall for your property? One option to consider is using railroad ties as the foundation. Railroad ties are long, sturdy pieces of wood that have been traditionally used in railroad track construction. These heavy-duty wooden beams can be found at any home improvement store and typically come in 8-foot lengths with two ends already cut off, making them easy to install by hand or with a sawsall. The cost of railroad ties ranges from $15-$30 per piece depending on thickness and length; however, they offer more stability than other types of retaining walls because the weight comes down onto concrete footings rather than just touching the ground as bricks would do. Some homeowners also enjoy using these strong pieces of lumber to create their own railroad ties railroad tracks.

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