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    From an architectural point of view, the commuter city is largely defined by its homes. A simple stroll down one of its tree-lined streets almost instantly gives one an accurate idea of what residents desire from an abode. The organization, certainly. Straight lines, gentle curves. A bit of decorative concrete here, something more plain and functional over there. Places to relax after a day at the office, such as a stamped concrete pool deck or patio. It all falls into place rather neatly for the homeowner in possession of a good plan. It’s also wise to have a team of expert professionals to help bring such a plan to fruition.

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    Reliable Concrete and Masonry Contractor

    It will never do to sit here and blow a lot of hot air about how great we are. As for why you can trust us with all of your needs in the stone and concrete business, we’d rather keep things simple. Or better yet, let our work do the talking. That’s how the greatest artists give voice to their passion—with the work. And when you call us you get hard-working professionals right at your door. Or driveway, or patio, or pool deck. The proof’s in what you see.


    Concrete is one of the most versatile construction materials in use today. That means if you choose to build your driveway, outdoor fireplace, kitchen counter tops, or other feature of concrete, odds are you’re going to get exactly what you were hoping for. The odds get better still with us, as we have a long history of experience with this technique. Call us at (949) 541-9282 to find out. And in the meantime, have a read about just a few of our specialties.

    Concrete Driveways

    Now we do concrete driveways—been doing them for years. But since our clients have such expansive ideas for their landscapes, it seems like every day we’re learning even more.

    With the use of concrete slabs a large canvas can be covered in a relatively short period of time. The surface of these slabs can be made smooth or given texture. They can be colored to match or achieve artistic contrast with the environment. Through the use of a form (frame), the concrete is carefully poured on site.

    You may also utilize our stamped driveway service to achieve myriad designs. Oh, and we color it beforehand to the shade of your liking. This same holds true for concrete pavers, which are created in advance, then installed upon delivery.

    But those things represent a mere start point. Did you know that concrete can be made to look just like natural stone? Or brick? It all happens through the stamping process. Wood stamped concrete gives your driveway the appearance of real wood, right down to the swirled filigree. You get everything minus those nasty splinters.

    Other decorative concrete ideas may include borders, raised or flat; separated slabs that allow grass to grow between them; circular driveways that meet a flight of stone steps to the front door, or bend around the color finished basin of a fountain. Mission Viejo Concrete Company is rife with such design, and we put it all within reach. Get in touch with us when you’re ready for us to get to work – (949) 541-9282

    Concrete Patio

    As we mentioned above, the patio is often a big focal point of any Mission Viejo home. Doubtless you’ll spend lots of leisure time here. That might necessitate an outdoor fireplace complete with pizza oven. Barbecues more your style? Make that fireplace a fire pit if you like.

    As for the patio itself…why, everything we do for your driveway can also be done here. That means stamped concrete service for the replication of natural stones like terracotta, flagstone, granite, brick, and so many others. It also means coloring. Oh, so many colors to choose from! In fact let’s just go ahead and make it any color, because we’ll mix them to get just the proper shade.

    Let’s talk a little more about pavers and slabs. With the use of concrete pavers, clients can decide whether to interlock them, or leave a small space between the fixtures. Either way, they are easy to install, and can swiftly be replaced as damage occurs. Pavers are low maintenance, though the joints between them may require cleaning from time to time.

    Poured concrete slabs cover a wider area and are generally less expensive to install. They are decorated at the site (should you choose this option) while still in the curing process. Once complete you can expect concrete slabs to provide years of durable reliance, and even when it finally does come time for a bit of freshening up, our concrete repair service is more than capable of fixing cracks, applying sealant, and cleaning the surface. It’s time for that new patio, so get in touch with the best patio guys at this number —> (949) 541-9282

    Concrete Pool Decks

    In addition creating all the forms of decorative concrete mentioned above, when you call on us to install your pool deck we can make it safe and slip-resistant—which is highly recommended for surfaces subject to moisture—through the means of broom or salt finishing.

    Broom finished concrete is grooved for less treacherous traversal, whereas a salt finished surface would be dimpled from bits of rock salt that were sprinkled onto uncured concrete, then sprayed away after drying.

    Pool coping acts sort of like a frame around a swimming pool. It sits on top of the bond beam and directs water toward your deck drains. It also separates the pool from the deck and is typically installed with the safety of wet feet in mind.

    It can be made of natural stone, brick, and of course, concrete. When you choose concrete you get all of the design and color options we spoke of for patios and driveways.

    You also get the satisfaction of knowing the job was done by experienced aficionados with a passion for what they do.

    If you are interested in having someone come and work on a pool deck, whether it be for a cool deck installation, pool deck resurfacing, refinishing, or simply replacing, give us a call today at (949) 541-9282 and we’ll get back with you for a free no obligation quote.

    Concrete Walls

    Be it for security or show, high or low, Mission Viejo Concrete Company erects concrete walls beyond reproach. It might serve as a border for your property line, or a safety feature around your swimming pool. It might create a quaint enclosure for the backyard garden, or curve along a flight of patio stairs. The best service for concrete walls is just a phone call away.

    Other Concrete Services

    This includes concrete retaining walls when some extra support is in need of those sloping landscapes. But installation isn’t our only creed. We repair and refinish older concrete to get things looking good as new. Acid or water-based staining adds alluring depth to concrete flooring that is sure to trigger gasps from all who see them. Concrete grinding smooths out rough, older surfaces for refinishing. We have also added a few other services like concrete leveling and foundation repair ever since we added a foreman from Concrete Fresno, which has made the ability for us to do a lot of new concrete services easier. Whether it’s starting from scratch or improving what’s already in place, our skills with the material run the complete gambit. Trusting us is trusting the best.


    Stone and brick masonry are in a class all their own. Each provoke different emotions. They remind us of a time we never knew. Of old poems on the bookshelf. Castles and courtyards. Cobbled streets and chiming towers. The mind may not leap to these visions all the time, but there’s a reason clients love the medium so much. Nor do we fall short of the mark when called upon help. Find out how great it is to work with us by calling (949) 541-9282 now. 

    Stone Masonry

    We do many kinds and in many different styles. Marble flooring is a common request. There is a good reason for this, as their allure is bewitching. Every time one sees marble he or she gets something new out of it. Then we have limestone and cobblestone, which are often—but not always—used out of doors to lend their terrain a bit of medieval charm.

    The installation of natural stone varies depending on how much a client would like to use. Like concrete pavers, paver stones arrive on site already prepared; unlike concrete pavers, they are not cut from molds, which means sizes and shapes are going to have a little more variety. Paver stones are almost always used on horizontal surfaces where people walk. The same cannot be said for stone veneer.

    These are thinner slates of natural stone which are attached to a concrete backing on a vertical surface. Stone veneer looks beautiful but is too delicate for serious impact.

    Stacked stone is also strictly for vertical installation, though for a different reason:  It is…well, stacked, to create a three-dimensional texture for walls, fireplaces, and other areas not meant for walking. Less expensive stone veneer can mimic stacked stone in just about any situation.

    And speaking of fireplaces, did you know our service includes the installation of natural stone fireplaces? Marble and limestone tend to absorb heat well; granite conducts it. These and other kinds of stone are readily available from us.

    What you choose of course depends on the reaction—and look—you desire. We can also build stone pillars that would make an ancient Greek nod in approval. Imagine your gate or doorway adorned with the grandness of sandstone or marble.

    Mission Viejo Brick Masonry

    For fireplaces indoors or out, many clients look directly to brick as a manufacturing material. It’s hard to counter something that’s been doing its job for thousands of years. An outdoor fireplace made of brick is great for food and friendly gatherings. Indoor brick fireplaces are often turned to for their overall traditional appeal.

    Brick pavers are great for flat surfaces such as driveways, patios, or stairs. Some of them have flat edges while others are specially cut to lock together like puzzle pieces. These pavers come in a variety of earth tone colors and, because they are solid all the way through, are quite strong. Pavers may also be used for brick walls, but as a cost-cutting measure face bricks (bricks with holes in the center) are more popular for vertical surfaces. We build walls like this all the time in varying length and height.

    Mission Viejo Retaining Walls

    We can also construct a retaining wall on your property of brick or natural stone that will not only reinforce sloping, crumbling soil, but reduce or even eliminate the effects of erosion. Retaining walls look smart and classy as well—we see to that.

    Other Mission Viejo Concrete and Masonry Services

    Mission Viejo Concrete Company sees to your every need in concrete, brick, or stone. The work we do is a signature of our honor. We make it great each and every time. For expert masonry call us today at (949) 541-9282.

    Areas We Service

    Mission Viejo Concrete Company is one of the top concrete companies in Orange County. We provide excellent concrete and masonry services to the following areas:

    • Lake Forest
    • Laguna Woods
    • Laguna Hills
    • Aliso Viejo
    • Las Flores
    • Coto De Caza
    • Rancho Mission Viejo
    • San Juan Capistrano
    • Laguna Niguel
    • Dana Point
    • San Clemente

    We offer a range of services that will suit everyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for residential, commercial or industrial work, Mission Viejo Concrete Company can help! With our experience and expertise we can make any project turn out beautifully! Give us a call today at (949) 541-9282 to find out how we can assist you with your next project!

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