Residents of Mission Viejo have an established reputation for pursuing the very best of everything. It’s one reason they choose to live here in the first place. The architecture is first-rate. Homes, schools, and businesses stand in sober regality along sunny streets. We recognize their greatness because we ourselves have always been dedicated to concrete and stone masonry that meets the very high standards of the community.

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A Concrete and Stone Contractor With Experience

Mission Viejo is a geographically complex world of roads in the valleys and houses along the hills. It stands to reason, then, that when it comes time for hardscape installation or refurbishing, the only contractor to call is one who’s been working in the area for a long time.

Our team of trained professionals has years of knowledge with this town’s tricky terrain. Indeed, we actually enjoy the challenge. Quality concrete and stone construction means mountains to us, not hills, and our dedication to good service runs deeper than any valley.

Concrete Reasons to Call Us

We can’t tell you every little thing that can be done with concrete. Not with just one article. In fact, it might take a whole book to pull that off. We can, however, run down a list of our more popular requests for any home or business. Requests like:

  • Decorative concrete for any feature
    • Stamped concrete
    • Colored concrete
    • Concrete patterns
    • Concrete staining acid or water-based
  • Driveways
  • Patios and pool decks
  • Flooring and countertops

It’s the tip of an iceberg, but you get the idea. We like to let our work do the talking; let us know what you need and we’ll take it from there.

Mission Viejo Stone Masonry

Stone is nearly as versatile as concrete. It also pronounces a distinction of natural beauty unprecedented among other building materials. Our natural stone service extends to a variety of features.

Everything we do with concrete can basically be done with stone. This includes driveways, walkways, stairs, patios, and pool decks. But we know you didn’t drop by to read a long list. You dropped by because you’re looking for reliable experts who really know their stuff. Call (949)-541-9282 today to get started.

And yes, we also do brickwork. Things like walls, fireplaces, and pillars all glide under our scope. We’ll make a garden box that looks almost as natural as the garden itself. We’ll build a retaining wall strong enough to last decades.

Contractor Tips and Tricks by Request

Some of our clients have things all laid out in advance. Others prefer to improvise. Whichever the case, sometimes the brush gets thick and their initial vision becomes difficult to maintain. Soon after they realize there was never any need for worry, because not only do we ensure excellent work, we’re also happy to field any questions a client may have. Should a problem arise we’ll know what to do. That’s another thing experience brings to the table:  solutions. We’ve got your back because we’ve been here before.

Today we’re certainly glad you’re here. It makes us happy that you’ve entrusted us with hardscape improvements or additions to your property. Mission Viejo Concrete Company will soon prove you made the right choice. Give us a call at (949)-541-9282.