Missio Viejo Bricklayer

A brick building can last for many generations. But for the best results, it is advisable to work with a qualified and experienced bricklayer in Mission Viejo. But if you have some masonry skills, you may want to consider doing it on your own. Bear in mind that masonry is usually permanent. You will need to do it well if your work results will stand for a long time.

As you begin to plan for your bricklaying project, you will need to consider the scale and size of the project, choice of material, location, appearance, and drainage. It would be best if you then drew some detailed pictures of the project to get rid of design flows and to estimate the total building cost. You can go to a hardware store or home improvement center to get samples of the materials and determine if they can blend well with your current landscape.

Depending on whether you plan to pour a small slab or to build a big brick archway, ensure that you estimate the project dimension as much as possible. This will ensure that you do not keep going back for supplies. Since you will be using bricks, you can find the best supplies from a local brickyard. They will also have the needed tools. Some of the tools you will need include mortar hawk, jointer, trowel, chisels, hammers brick tongs, and a wide pointing tool.

It may be advisable to construct the project with mortar. This will make it possible for you to see the completed project, correct where necessary, and determine if the results are what you needed. Masonry mortar is made of sand, Portland cement, and water. Some other ingredients such as gypsum or lime may be added to enhance the workability and to be in control of the setup time. Bear in mind that a strong mortar mix isn’t necessarily the best. 

A good idea would be to use Type N mortar as it has a lot of durability or strength. It can be used to construct non-load-bearing structures such as BBQ grills, chimneys, and freestanding walls. On the other hand, Type S mortar is a mixture that has high strength and is commonly used on foundations, brick retaining walls, driveways, patios, and walks. Type M mortar contains very high strength and is used for exterior walls that bear the load. 

When mixing mortar, but one or two bags in a wheelbarrow and push it on one side of the wheelbarrow, you should gradually add water until you achieve your desired texture. In case it is too thick, you will notice a heap of mortar falling off the trowel rather than in the desired smooth line. When you add to much water, it will become weak and messy. A good idea would be to follow the directions of the manufacturer, and you will be fine. Avoid mixing in a huge amount unless you will use it all in a single application.

If you would like the best result in your brick masonry project, you should contact a bricklayer. One of the names we recommend is Mission Viejo Concrete Company. You can reach them on (949) 541-9282.