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When constructing a pool deck, one of the key considerations you will need to make is on the choice of material. On top of this, you will need to consider other factors such as safety, budget, durability, and maintenance. Consider if it will fit well in your landscape and home.

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While there are different materials that you can use to create a pool deck, one of the options that you need to consider is concrete. This is because it comes with many benefits as compared to other deck materials, such as versatility.

Excellent Pool Deck in Mission Viejo

Even though tile, brick, and pavers come with their own benefits and drawbacks, concrete is in a class of its own with constructing a kool deck. Some of the reasons why you should use it for your pool deck include:

Slip Resistance

When it comes to a pool deck surface, one of the key features is good traction. This is why you need a surface that is slip-resistant. There are various ways in which surface traction can be improved without affecting the decorative look. These include the use of an exposed or broomed aggregate finish, installing a textured overlay, or mixing grit of clear plastic to the sealer prior to its application.

Ability to Reflect Heat

Tile and brick pool decks that have a darker color can be very hot when touched especially after they are exposed to the sun. On the other hand, concrete reflects solar radiation and can be more comfortable as compared to the bare feet. Decorative toppings can be used on surfaces to reduce the temperature on lower surfaces.


Pool decks that are made of brick, pavers, or flagstone can be very beautiful. However, it may be hard to install due to the labor-intensive process of having to place various units individually. The majority of installation experts suggest that it is more budget-friendly to pour concrete and put a pattern.  Therefore, if you are on a budget, get great results by having a combination of stamped concrete and the cost-effective plain concrete.

Wide Range of Designs

Decorative concrete enables you to choose from a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can opt for a broom finish, imprinted patterns or exposed aggregate.  You can also combine imprinted or stenciled board with stained concrete. The design possibilities of a concrete pool deck are unlimited.

Easy to Maintain

The majority of materials are durable. However, concrete is easy to maintain as compared to the other materials. For instance, paving units and bricks will tend to shift with time and this raises the need for replacement. There is also a need to replace the joints that are made between paving units so that weed doesn’t grow. With poured concrete, these issues are eliminated. All that is needed is the scheduled cleaning and resealing to enable concrete to maintain its look.

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Remember that a pool deck will need to be resistant to water as well as harsh chemicals. It should be easy to walk on with bare feet. It should also be slip-resistant and split resistance. All these qualities are found in a concrete pool deck.

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