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Thank you for your interest in what we will soon prove is the best choice in Los Angeles and Orange County for concrete and stone masonry. It’s good to have you here.

We trust this page is part of your homework. After all, there is more than one contractor in this business. The phone book (remember phone books?) is practically bursting at the binder with companies that can’t wait to rush to your door. Choosing the one that’s best for you can seem downright daunting at the outset. Hopefully we can make things a little easier. 

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Mission Viejo Concrete Masons

One great thing about concrete—or rather, several great things—is the many, many masks it can wear. Calling us doesn’t instigate a bunch of guys coming to your house to dump dull, gray sludge into a frame, smooth it over, and call it a day. One walk around the hilly streets of Mission Viejo is all it takes to understand what concrete is capable of.

It can be given more colors than a bag of candy. Ever see a pink wall around landscape curled with a pastel blue driveway and lime green front walk? Neither have we…but it can be done. Or if cheerful isn’t what you’re going for let’s make the wall black, the driveway midnight blue, the front walk cherry red. Both are examples of the extreme, to be sure. The point is:  When you contact us for concrete service, the sky is the limit.

The same goes for decorative stamping. Want that driveway to look like real wood? Oh, does wood-stamped concrete ever do the trick. We can also make it replicate brick or several other types of natural stone. Mission Viejo Concrete Company has been in business for a long time and our team of professionals knows exactly how to bring beauty and function together into one feature.

Stone Masonry Professionals

Speaking of professionalism, when you contact us for natural stone masonry you’ll get nothing less than that very thing. Part of being a pro is having a passion for what you do. Another is a deep appreciation for the craft as a whole. And as the beauty of stone masonry is both natural and timeless, it’s easy for us to feel both.

A granite countertop resists heat and is hard to scratch. Marble flooring is so pretty to look at people are frightened to walk on it (though they totally can!). Cobblestone steps reflect the quaint charm of old villages. A flagstone patio hearkens the days of mighty castles. These choices plus so many more are readily available through our service. Call us and find out what we can do.

Once more let us thank you for your kind consideration. Be it of concrete, stone, or brick, Mission Viejo Concrete Company is the right team to call for outstanding results you’ll be happy with for years to come. For the best work by the most dedicated artists, call us today at (949) 541-9282.