Mission Viejo Concrete Finishing

To provide your concrete floor with a professional and glossy look, you will need concrete trowels. These are machines used during the concrete finishing process. The goal of the finishing process is to provide the concrete with an even and smooth finish and is often done on a big and flat slab of freshly poured concrete, from rooftops to patio decks to balconies and interior floors. Concrete trowels can perform better than the manual floors when it comes to durability, evenness, and strength.

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An internal combustion engine or an electric motor can be used to power concrete trowels. However, this will depend on the model and the kind of work it should be used for. The trowel blade’s size used in the finishing process will depend on the kind of job and can have a length of 24 to 48 inches.

Choosing the Right Trowel for Concrete Finishing

Concrete trowels are built differently, so you need to choose the right one for concrete finishing. If you are doing a corner poured concrete or even a small project, choose the manual trowel instead. You will want to be very fast when using the trowel as concrete can harden fast. If you delay, you will be left with a slab that is hard and unworkable.

If a project has a concrete slab of less than a thousand square feet, it is advisable to choose a trowel that has a blade of 24 to 26 inches. For concrete smoothening, you can opt for a combined blade. You can use the ride-on concrete trowel if the concrete surface is more than a thousand square feet. This kind of concrete trowel works faster as compared to the push concrete trowel.

Put Safety as a Priority.

Personal and workplace safety should be your priority, and the concrete trowel operation isn’t different. If a concrete trowel isn’t functioning well, it can be dangerous for the people around it and can compromise the worksite security. Operators of concrete trowels are supposed to wear personal safety gear like safety goggles, hearing protection, or facer guard. They should also wear work gloves that can dampen the vibration and work boots with steel toes.

Consider Timing

One of the key considerations when it comes to concrete finishing is timing. If you do concrete finishing under the wrong conditions, you can cripple or delay the whole project. It is advisable to coordinate with your supervisor to ensure that the concrete slab pouring is done in a warm, windy, or dry weather.

Wait until solidifying the concrete surface until it supports the operator’s load and the concrete trowel. If the concrete is too soft, the surface will be destroyed by the spade. If you wait for too long, the concrete will over harden. Before checking the sole of your shoes, it is advisable to set on the concrete surface to see if there are any concrete residues. If there isn’t any residue, you can do the concrete finishing.

Take time as you move a concrete trowel around. When you move so fast, you can destroy the surface and make the entire process more difficult. For the best results in concrete finishing, you need to hire a concrete contractor. One of the reputed names you should consider is Mission Viejo Concrete Company.

You can reach us on (949) 541-9282 for free estimates.