Stone masonry is one of the oldest arts in the construction industry.  Stone projects are a great way to improve your home. This type of masonry requires a skilled professional for better results. If you are looking for a professional to work on your stone projects then you have come to the right place. At Mission Viejo Concrete Company, we have professionals with years of experience.

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A professional stonemason can give your home a whole new look if home improvement is what you want. It is important to hire the right person when it comes to this type of masonry. This is because any mistakes can greatly affect how your project is going to look. This article will give useful tips on how to ensure you hire the right contractor.

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Any Masonry Contractor

Since masonry projects involving stone are expensive it is important to get the right person for the job. These are the most important things you should ask before hiring any masonry or concrete contractor.

Is the Contractor Insured?

You should always ask if the contractor is insured before deciding to hire them. Government certification is very important when it comes to the construction industry. If you hire a contractor who hasn’t insured a claim will be filed against you in case the stonemason injured.  Working with a contractor who is not insured is a criminal offense in Mission Viejo.

At Mission Viejo Concrete Company, we are fully insured and licensed. We always let you inspect our credentials before we start working on your project. All our workers for any concrete services are insured in case they are injured.

Any References?

References are a sure way of knowing you are going to get professional masonry or concrete services. Calling a client who previously worked with the contractor you want to hire will give you an insight into what to expect. At Mission Viejo Concrete Company, we have countless references you can call to ensure you trust us.

How Much and What is the Payment Schedule?

It is important that a masonry or concrete contractor clearly states how they expect to be paid.  A common payment schedule that works for many contractors is where you make an upfront payment. The rest of the payment is made in installments over a period of time.

Any payment schedule that requires you to pay more than half of the money upfront isn’t a good one. You should hire a contractor with an elaborate payment schedule like us. With our affordable prices, you will get the best services in Mission Viejo, California.

Is the Contractor State Certified?

A trustworthy concrete contractor should have state certification documents. They should also be willing to let you have a look at the certificate. This way you can be sure you are dealing with a contractor you can trust. Only a certified contractor can be trusted around your property.

If you are looking for a state-certified stone contractor in Mission Viejo then we are here for you. For any stone masonry project give us a call today and we will get you quality services at an affordable price. We have complied with all state laws and you can trust us around your property.

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