Mission Viejo Concrete Slab

Modern buildings nowadays have a concrete slab. Thick concrete slabs are used to construct floors and ceilings, while the thinner ones are used to pave exteriors.

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For both domestic and industrial applications, the thick concrete slabs supported on foundation or subsoil are used for creating ground flooring. Here are several applications of concrete slabs, depending on their sizes.

  • Leaner slabs. You can buy leaner or pre-fabricated slabs for your house patio.
  • Slabs of medium sizes. These come with more possibilities. You can have them manufactured on the site, or you can opt for the fabricated ones.
  • Big sized slabs. The large dimensions of concrete slabs are a great choice for completing bigger projects. When working on bigger projects, ensure that the slabs are level.

Uses of Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs can be used for:

Home Renovations

The slabs can be used in home renovations. Concrete slabs can replace timber flooring as they can provide additional thermal mass and reduce the underfoot noise. During home renovations, concrete slabs can be placed on the old floorings or even subfloor walls. Where the old floor is near the ground surface, these can be used as infill slabs.

Pool Decks

Concrete slabs are a great choice for the construction of pool decks. They are also an economical option. To maintain concrete decks is easier than other kinds of material. Concrete is also more environmentally friendly as its main material is limestone. Limestone is one of the most abundant materials on earth. You can have the slab printed, textured, or stained as per your preference and improve your pool deck’s look.


A patio is poured in the same way other slabs are poured. Only that it is on a large scale, you should begin by framing the whole patio before diving into smaller sections. Pour each section at a time. This offers you an opportunity to level the wet concrete before brushing it. To protect the patio from moisture, apply a sealer after curing.

Shady Area

If there is a spot in your yard where there is a very dense shade that even grass doesn’t grow, you can make good use of it by pouring a concrete slab. This will then act as a garden resting place, grill station, hammock, or even a foundation.

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