Mission Viejo Flagstone Patio

One of the ways of boosting the curb appeal of your landscape is through a flagstone patio installation. Instead of using the old and boring cement or paver locks, you can use flagstone to add to your backyard’s appeal.

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Here are tips on the installation of the Mission Viejo flagstone patio.

Plan for the Patio

You need to consider certain considerations such as size, shape, and placement of the patio. On top of that, you will need to consider the grading. The patio should be built in a way that allows it to drain well. If this isn’t done, you will experience flooding problems. The patio should also not be built on perfectly level ground. It should be built at a slight angle to enable water to drain off. Consider the current landscape drainage of your compound and use that.

The size of the stones and its thickness is another consideration you will want to make. Bigger stones don’t require a lot of puzzling. However, they are usually thicker, heavier, and more expensive. Therefore, you will need to choose the right stone for your patio. Thinner flagstone often cracks when subjected to weight. Thicker flagstone is often heavier and costlier.

Adding Packed Gravel Base

Ensure that you excavate enough to accommodate the packed gravel leveling material. You should dig down enough so that you can accommodate a packed gravel base. The gravel base ensures that you have a flat patio. This will also support stones as they don’t break or crack. This is the patio’s foundation, and if you need a professionally finished one, you shouldn’t skimp.

Add Gravel

Add the gravel of 2″ and ensure that this has been packed well before you can add more. A plate compactor or hand tamper can be used to pack it down. Whatever reason, ensure that it is packed well.

Leveling Sand Installation

Sand isn’t a good choice if you will walk on the layer, and sand tends to move when walking on it. Therefore, you should use crushed rock, including screenings.

Puzzle the Flagstone Together

Take the bigger stones and put them around the patio’s perimeter. It is a good idea to use larger stones on the outside as smaller stones will shift after some time. The bigger stones will lock the smaller stones. You should then add other stones working from the patio’s middle to the center.

Fill Gaps

You can use your preferred material to fill the gaps. For instance, the soil will enable you to plant moss on the gaps.

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