Mission Viejo Colored Concrete

There are four different ways of coloring concrete. It can be colored using stains, dyes, color hardeners, and integral pigments. Each coloring method will look different and will have its pros and cons.

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Let us look at each of these options to see which one is best suited for you.

Concrete Staining

One of the reasons why concrete staining is becoming popular is because it works well in new or old concrete. It can be used to create a subtle, earth-toned look that will appeal to the homeowner and blend well with its surroundings. Some of the colors used in stained concrete include browns, terra cottas, and tans.

Since they get into the concrete surface, stains produce a UV stable color. This means that you can use stains in the outdoor without them fading. Stains are also semi-transparent and will, therefore, not hide any patchwork or blemishes.

Integrally Colored Concrete

The integrally Mission Viejo colored concrete is usually an option for the new pours. This involves adding pigments to concrete mix before placement so that the color penetrates through. This has a benefit in that it isn’t possible to chip away color. On top of that, it doesn’t fade. Some of the options available in integrally colored concrete include tans, browns, subtle red, and gray. It is also possible to achieve a subtle blue. If you need an eye-catching look, you should avoid using integral pigments. The majority of contractors use integral colors as their base before adding stains, color hardeners, or dyes to enhance the hue.

Use of a Color Hardener

This is commonly used in stamped concrete. The color hardeners are effective in strengthening and intensifying the color of the concrete. When concrete is colored this way, it becomes resistant to wear and is no longer vulnerable to de-icing chemicals and moisture than traditional concrete. The majority of contractors avoid color hardeners due to the messy application process. The dry shake powder gets airborne and can damage the nearby plants and structures or cause breathing issues for workers.

Concrete Dying

When concrete is dyed, it produces more vibrant colors as compared to the other options above. Some of the colors that can be used include orange, red, purple, yellow, and blue. Since dyes can produce very strong colors, it is advisable to start with a mockup to see if you will love the results. Dyes are particularly popular for creating detailed graphics. They are, however, unsuitable for outdoor applications as they fade when exposed to direct sunlight. If you are interested in using dyes in the outdoor, you should start by speaking to the manufacturer to determine the UV stability of the product and to find out if there is a sealer for protecting the color outside.

To make the right choice of colored concrete, you need to speak to a masonry contractor.

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