Block wall construction is not a thing to be cavalier about. They’re built for a variety of essential functions, such as foundation, erosion reduction, and property protection. That’s why at Mission Viejo Concrete Company, you can always count on strong, dependable results. We build block walls, commercial or residential, for all the purposes mentioned and more. Not only that but as your premier concrete contractor, we hold a firm dedication to the community we serve. Clients often call us back for repeat business because we produced exactly what they were looking for the first time around.

For a high-quality block wall in Mission Viejo, contact us at (949) 541-9282 and get free estimates.

The Measure of the Work

Depending on what kind of wall you want, we get all the necessary information upfront, so there’s no second-guessing later on, no confusion, and no great restructure of the original plan. We’ll stake out the shape of the wall, getting the measurements to precise specifications. After that comes the excavation. Our crew will dig a trench to the proper depth and make certain that your wall rests on a powerful poured concrete foundation.

The size of this foundation varies depending on how large the wall is going to be. Block courses—or rows—are then laid, reinforced with mortar joints, and metal rebars around every third or fourth course.

Amazing Results

Concrete and cinder blocks have been around for so long people barely take notice of them anymore. Lack of attention tends to change, however, with the projects we complete. Indoor accent walls, retaining walls, seat walls for gardens or patios, and many other functions come into play when you let Mission Viejo Concrete Company take the field. Nor does your wall need to be just a certain shade of gray. We can dye the blocks to different colors, cut them into certain shapes, and even add veneers in the form of brick or natural stone.

Mission Viejo Concrete Company is here to serve all of your concrete construction needs. And with just one phone call, you’ll be on your way to having an attractive, functional block wall for your home or business. Contact us today at (949) 541-9282 and get free estimates.