Mission Viejo Concrete Foundation

Any concrete project needs a foundation in order to stand and serve its purpose.  Without foundation, your structure can’t survive the harsh weather conditions. The only way you can be sure your foundation is built to perfection is by hiring a professional concrete contractor like us to pour the foundation for you. At Mission Viejo Concrete Company, we have experience in constructing all types of concrete foundations. Give us a call today, and we can construct a strong and durable foundation for you.

A concrete foundation can be quite expensive if it is for a bigger project. Only an affordable concrete contractor like us can save you from running broke. Our services are of high quality and affordable.

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Types of Concrete Foundations

There are three main types of concrete foundations. These are frost-protected, slab-on-grade, and T-shaped foundation. If you need concrete services or any of the three foundations, our team is ready to construct one for you.

Frost Protected Foundation

If you are constructing a structure that is likely to get heated, we will construct a frost-protected foundation for you. This type of foundation is constructed by placing two sheets, usually made of polystyrene to the base of the wall and on the outside of the foundation. This way, the sheets hold heat from the structure preventing heat loss and keeping the temperature above the freezing point.

This type of foundation, unlike other concrete services, is technical and can only be done by someone with enough experience. At Mission Viejo, we have experienced professionals who will get you a strong frost-protected foundation.

T-shaped Foundation

T-shaped foundations are used for structures being constructed in places where land freezes. They are constructed by putting a wide footing below the frost line. The reason why the footing is made wide is that it can be able to fully support the heavy foundation base. Walls are then installed on top of the foundation. Such type of concrete work usually needs expertise and can take time.

The T-shaped foundation is then placed and given time to cure. Only after curing can subsequent walls be built and ready mix concrete poured to form the slab.

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Slab-on grade Foundation

This type of foundation uses a concrete slab with thicker edges. The thicker edges on the slab are done by pouring more ready mix concrete on the edges. These thick edges are usually strengthened by steel rods. This process requires an expert as any slight error can cause bigger problems and compromise the strength of the structure.

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