Mission Viejo Concrete Pouring

One of the important steps before concrete pouring can be done to prepare the subgrade. The proper preparation of the subgrade should remain uniform in dampness, grade, and firmness. In case it isn’t uniform, it will result in more stress in the locations resulting in crack development. To add to the reinforcement, polypropylene fibers can provide additional reinforcement.

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Make sure that your driveway is sloped in a manner where the water flows away from home. The minimum slope that is recommended is usually an eight drop per foot. The glass slopes that adjoin the concrete driveway should be a minimum of half an inch for every foot to have the right drainage.

Concrete should be put close to the final place. If there is a lot of horizontal movement of concrete or if it is dropped for more than four inches, it can result in mixed separating, causing future problems. This is why concrete needs to be leveled as it gets placed. The concrete slab should have a thickness of 3.5 to 4 inches if the driveway is only for use by cars. If light trucks are using the concrete driveway, the slab should have a thickness of 4.5 to 5.5 inches.

To finish the poured concrete, trowelling and floating should be applied on the surface until it reaches the desired density, smoothness, and flatness. When good finishing has been done at the right time, it should provide the concrete with a hard and dense surface, making it more impermeable and durable. The concrete surface can be damaged by poor finishing.

Some of the commonly used surfaces in the driveway can be stamped and colored to provide colored surfaces. Concrete tends to expand and also contract slightly as a result of changes in temperature and moisture content.  If it is prevented from moving with a change in volume, it will easily crack. It is possible to control the cracking by proper jointing or with reinforcement. Areas, where stress is noted to accumulate, can be strengthened with control joints. These control joints need to be spaced at ten to twelve feet apart, ensuring that concrete sections are square.

There is a need for the isolation joints to be installed between different sections that require being more relative to one another, especially when the driveway meets with the garage slab. After completing the finishing, allow the concrete to cure.

To allow curing, concrete should be covered using a polyethylene bad and made moist for at least seven days. Curing is done to enable the cement to react chemically with the water and gain the required strength.

Take note that fresh concrete shouldn’t get into contact with the bare skin as it can cause cement burns. The concrete gets to its maxim strength after a few days. However, it continues gaining strength for a maximum of 30 days. Before winter, after completion, ensure that the driveway is sealed with a sealer made for exterior concrete flatwork.

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