Mission Viejo Concrete Driveways

As the name suggests, concrete driveways are made of concrete. Concrete consist of a mixture of aggregates, Portland cement, and water. Admixtures are usually added prior to or after the concrete mixing to make concrete stronger. It also helps to increase or decrease the set-up time. It can serve to protect concrete from changes in temperature and chemicals like deicers. Here are important tips on pouring concrete driveways.

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Importance of Air Entrainment

If air bubbles are entrained or introduced in the concrete, they will affect the performance of your concrete driveway. It will help to protect the concrete especially if you live in an area where freezing and thawing happens a lot. When an air entrainment admixture is added, it results in the formation of small air bubbles in the concrete. These small bubbles often act at the valve when water freezes on the concrete and, therefore prevents the destruction of the surface. But you should remember that if excess water is added, it will interfere with the structure of the air entrainment causing destruction.

Understanding Slump Test

Slump refers to the consistency, workability, and stiffness of freshly poured concrete. This is usually affected by the amount of water in the fresh concrete. When a slump test is done, the results will be indicated in inches.  To improve slump without adding water to the concrete, admixtures are commonly used. Slump is usually affected by various factors such as aggregate type, air content temperature, admixtures, and proportions of ingredients. For a concrete driveway, a slump of 5 inches with an error if one is used.

Compressive Strength of a Concrete Driveway

Compressive strength is usually calculated in psi (pound per square inch). The most suitable strength for a concrete driveway will be affected by various conditions. Colder areas will require a higher psi. If your area goes through a lot of freezing and thawing, the concrete mix should have a higher psi. Generally, a concrete strength of 3000 to 4000 psi is required for a concrete driveway. But like we have already noted, hotter areas may require a lower psi.

If you are buying ready mix concrete, it is advisable to inform the producer of the intended use. In most cases, suppliers use standard mixes for certain applications. When you order a particular level of strength, it is the responsibility of the producer of the ready to mix concrete to proportion and make a mixture with the required strength. 

But before you order ready mix concrete, you need to consult with a concrete contractor. This will help him advise on the required psi for your location. 

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