Sloppy areas can be hard to work on, especially if there is loose soil around. To support soil and retain it at different levels in sloppy areas retaining walls are built. Soil can only be bound between two different elevations by Mission Viejo retaining walls. These walls are essential in hillside farming and other projects that are in sloppy areas.

These walls important, and they need to be constructed by an experienced concrete contractor. If you are looking for such a contractor in Mission Viejo, then you have come to the right place. At Mission Viejo Concrete Company, we can handle any wall construction project; however complex it seems.

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Types of Retaining Walls

Different types of walls are constructed depending on the purpose. Here are some common types of retaining walls we can construct for you.


Gravity walls make use of their mass to stand the pressure exerted by the soil. We usually construct them big to achieve enough gravity load to increase their resistance to soil pressure. They are classified into gabion, crib, and bin. Gravity walls require expertise and experience. Give us a call if you need help with a gravity wall, and we will send our stonemason over.

Diaphragm Wall

This is an expensive type of wall that is usually constructed in places with limited space. In urban areas where space is usually a problem, this is the option to go for. Being an expensive wall, it is wise to find a concrete contractor at an affordable price like us. With us you won’t overspend, we work with your budget to make sure you are satisfied.

Sheet Piling

If you are looking to retain loose soil, then this is the type of wall to go for. To construct it, fiberglass, steel, wood, or vinyl is rooted in the ground. Only a third of the sheet is rooted in the ground while the rest remains above.

Anchored Wall

Just like the diaphragm, an anchored wall is the best option to go for if you need to retain in a place with limited space. It also works well in places with loose soil. Cable rods are rooted deep into the ground and filled with concrete to provide anchorage.

Cantilevered Walls

A cantilevered wall is usually constructed from pre-stressing or steel-reinforced concrete.  They are the most common walls in the construction industry. Cantilevered walls can be constructed on-site or made off-site depending on your preferences. Our stonemason is familiar with both types of cantilevered walls, and he will get them properly installed.

This type of wall is economical when compared to other options because it uses less concrete. A cantilevered wall can be modified depending on several factors like overturning, sliding, and bearing pressure. If your budget is tight and you need a retaining wall, then this is the option to go for.

For this type of walls and any brick masonry work, we are the contractor to give a call. Cantilevered walls require a professional who knows everything about walls in order to stand. We have the best professionals to work on your wall. Just talk to us, and we will make sure you get quality and affordable services.

Bored Pile

Several bored piles are pushed into the ground, and the excess soil evacuated. These piles create a resistance to any force pushing the wall. To ensure they work properly, anchors are included in the bored piles. This type of wall is good at resisting lateral pressure in excavation depths of any size.

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